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The emotional pain is worse. Great people are also experiencing sadness, but repeated deep depression is different.Partners and relatives of depressed individuals feel that sadness when they have mastered, then the others must as well, and that when they do fail, they are weaklings. It took me years before I realized that my partner is not a wimp. We have had hard times, but because we have ceased to love, we found common ground.

It takes but a lot of understanding and compromise. “Understanding could have thirty-four albinos, who lived with a depressed partner for five years.

"The longer it did not work," he says. "It was the best of five and I almost went crazy self.
Partner suffered from bipolar disorder, and despite taking medication, his condition is sometimes manifested in the increased rate.

 It was never clear what to do for a while, if you fall into apathy, or select the account and buys nonsensical and unnecessary things. When he was depressed, they did not have any extra sexual life because he could not stand, which makes me frustrated if it takes too long.

 I know that it was psychologically much worse than me, because I am against him was still healthy, but mentally I was terribly exhausted and I stopped to have the strength to fight and endure it any more. I assumed that if more tried, then the cure, or at least should his condition improved. Finally, I said that even though his departure smite partner down, I have to do if I want to end up at the bottom. "  ( READ FULL STORY )

How depression is caused
Hundreds of misconceptions, there are hundreds of misconceptions about depression. Most of them are based on ignorance and then also, as mentioned Tomas, the fact that one state of deep depression experienced firsthand understanding can only come closer.

Living with a depressed spouse really is by no means simple, as confirmed by Nina twenty-six. "I've had a few relationships, but every time I backed away from them, because I realized that partner never give what she needs.

It would be difficult for someone want to make me suffer all the ups and downs.
"Dr. Louis Agneta, one of the best French experts on bipolar disorder, a partnership in which one partner is depressed, said:"

We meet with people who after ten or twenty years, and despite the obvious, and even significant changes in mood and behavior partner understand and will never understand. Categorically state that never believe that such a strong personality she could not cope with such a situation .. These people just close their eyes to depression and it is futile to hope to ever change! "

Interpersonal relationships
Author Jan powder, Hanna Powder and Powder John in the book of depression and how to cope, stating: "Depression arises in the context of interpersonal relationships A lot of depressed people have concerns in relation to other people. These concerns can be expressed in different ways. ( READ FULL STORY )

Being Unhappy
 Some people are unhappy or dissatisfied in marital relations or other close relationship. Some feel tense and anxious when strangers, especially if there are more. Most have difficulty with saber (egg say 'no' to an unauthorized request) or openness in expressing negative and positive feelings. Another problem is loneliness and lack of love, paradoxically, often in people who isolate themselves.One of the biggest relationship problems, dependence on others Depressive Many people is very dependent on the evaluation of others.

This is related to the inability to reward yourself and expectation that the remuneration and awards come from the area. The depression includes excessive need for stimulation and measurement, and poor tolerance of criticism, coldness or rejection.

Another manifestation of dependence is reduced to organize your program. On the contrary, the common expectation that the program will be determined by loved ones.
 Depressed mood and behavior, most of which are clearly visible to the surroundings, evoke different reactions. The most common reaction is compassion. Compassion is of course necessary, but excessive sympathy does not help, on the contrary harmful, anxiety and depression deepens, confirms it.
Does the person suffering the automatic negative thoughts type: 'Everyone sees me as I'm sick' When I so regret it to me about a really terrible ' Another type of reaction is aggression. Bitching, forced to make one him together, and of course punishment symptoms worse. ( READ FULL STORY )

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The Talking Cure For Health Care

It's something patients have grumbled about for a long time. Doctors are rude. Doctors don't listen. Doctors have no time. Doctors don't explain things in terms patients can understand.

It's a familiar litany. But here's what is new: The medical community is paying attention.
That lack of communication, after all, isn't just frustrating for patients. It can hurt the quality of care, drive up costs and increase the risk of lawsuits. And under new Medicare rules, providers won't get as much money if they rack up poor patient-satisfaction scores or too many preventable readmission.
So, medical schools, health systems, malpractice insurers and hospitals are trying to help doctors improve their bedside manner. They're setting up education programs for everyone from medical students to seasoned pros who have spent years talking to patients. The efforts take a variety of innovative approaches, such as putting doctors through role-play sessions with actors to teach basics like always facing the patient, letting them speak uninterrupted for two minutes and using key words to show compassion and empathy. ("I am so sorry you are in pain.") READ FULL STORY

Article  Recourse By LAURA LANDRO

Health Care Review For The 21st Century


Most important result achieved Dr. Donald Anger. The man after sixty years crackled fingers on one hand and, after several decades of regularly monitored and recorded the differences between the two hands.

He found that even after all this time daily crunching fingers no damage to the joints and to develop arthritis.
It should drink at least three liters of fluid a day Also, in terms of volume of fluid consumed for proper and healthy body there is a long-running disagreement, confusion and mystification not only among the public but also among physicians, scientists and nutritional experts.
Generally, as the mantra repeats that the average person should drink at least three liters of fluid a day that all his organs to function as they should, blood and urine was diluted enough and the cells are properly hydrated.

The fact is, however, that a healthy fluid intake is very subjective. Muscular athlete with great physical dispensing must receive much more water than small slender woman working in an office with good air conditioning.

You have to drink so you should not feel thirsty. Rather more than less. Rather regularly in smaller doses than many fits and starts. But there is no proper volume.

Ticks rotate counterclockwise

Recipes for removing ticks are numerous. Most of them operate with rotating clockwise or counterclockwise. The truth is that the tick does not matter which way you get it from the body. The base is to use tweezers and twisting movements or it slowly pulls out. READ MORE